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Sales&Concepts is an international consulting company aimed at middle-sized enterprises, which are interested in offering their products or services on very attractive but at the same time highly competitive markets in Slavic-speaking countries, or are looking in these states for partners to cooperate with.

Thanks to our rich experience we are prepared to provide you with a high-quality professional service and effective support in the pursuit of your activities. We will also advise you on how to address in your plans the cultural, social and economic specifics of the selected markets, thus minimizing your possible risk of a misunderstanding or a mistake, which could jeopardize your whole plan.

We always cooperate very closely with all our customers for the whole period of the preparation and implementation of the project – from the goal setting, through the market analysis and planning to the actual implementation of the project. We always work in such a way, so that we can fulfill the most important principle of our company: To offer our clients the best available services for their money.


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We support the following organizations

Sales&Concepts is conscious of its social responsibilities. Because of this we support two important humaritarian organizations: one fighting hunger and poverty in the world and another campaigning for human rights across the globe

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Dipl.-Ing. Otto Hoke - Executive Consultant and Director

The Guarantee of Your Success

We help and advise companies with their offers of products and services to the markets in Slavic-speaking countries and in seeking out partners to cooperate with. The advantage is a modularity of our services. This means that each of our customers may select only those activities that they do not wish to implement with their own resources.

If your aim is a direct entry into the market, we will help you to prepare the concept to most suitably address prospective customers in the selected region. We will advise you what you need to be careful about when communicating with them. We will inform you of any local specifics and habits and assist you in the implementation of your plan.

You may also take advantage of our rich knowledge and experience if you are searching for a suitable partner to cooperate with. In this case, we will also help you in the preparation of a suitable procedure to follow and with its implementation and selection of a partner company.

A relatively desired service is an active help in solving the specific problems our customers encounter on the markets in Slavic-speaking countries. Thanks to our long-term experience we are capable of contributing to finding a suitable and quick solution and preventing the needless damage which could occur due to a misunderstanding or an error.

Last but not least, we offer also a comprehensive information service. Based on your order we will ensure for the agreed-upon period a delivery of the relevant information on the selected markets or regions including their analysis and placing into a longer-term context.



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